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GCSTV Story: 102-Year-Old Peck Crossing Guard Retires

By Gabrielle Brown and Peyton Land

Greensboro, N.C. - Hero, Postal Worker and at 102 years old, Thomas Faucette adds another title to his list of accolades, “Retiree.” 

The World War II veteran believes it’s time to hang up his hat. Faucette is retiring as a crossing guard, a post he’s held since 1988 after retiring from the postal service.

Neither snow, rain, heat, nor gloom of night stopped Faucette from showing up to ensure generations of Peck Elementary students and his wife, a retired teacher, made it to school safely. “It has been a beautiful journey for him as well as myself," Mrs. Elizabeth Faucette said.

On the last day of school, students, parents, school staff, and community members lined the loop along West Florida Street, holding handmade signs to say "thank you" for his service and being an example of a life well lived. “When you think about what kids need to see, they need to see positive role models in our schools and he is one of those,” principal Ashley Triplett said. “He has watched them grow, and he has had the opportunity to see all of that. So, when you see all of that, young people celebrating someone who could potentially be their great-great-grandfather, it’s just something really special.”

Retirement is bittersweet but necessary. “It’s time for him to say so long and farewell,” Mrs. Faucette said. Mr. Faucette’s wife says she’ll have plenty of things to do around the house during the summer but admits she has not quite worked out how she plans to keep him occupied during the school year. At the home of the Lions, Mr. Faucette is certainly their pride and joy. Principal Tripplett says whoever comes to replace him will have very large shoes to fill.