Greetings! I am honored to serve you as Erwin’s school counselor. I have worked here since 2003, and been a school counselor with GCS since 1999. Prior to working with the schools, I worked with children and families in the community mental health system and in private practice. My educational background includes a B.S. in psychology, M.A. in counseling psychology, school certification advanced graduate degree, and National Board Certification in School Counseling. When I am not at Erwin, you will find me somewhere in nature-maybe camping, hiking, biking or walking the awesome trails and greenways in N.C. I LOVE the great outdoors, traveling and all kinds of music.  The loves of my life are my husband, my own kiddos Nick, Austin and Nicole, and my pets. I have a passion for healthy living and love sharing this with others.

    School Counseling Duties and Responsibilities:
    A school counselor is a very important part of the school staff. School counselors help kids in the areas of academics, personal/social development, and career awareness. This means that school counselors help students become better learners, better people, and successful members of a community. Here at Erwin, I teach classroom guidance lessons to each pre K-5 classroom every other week.



     I also provide individual and group counseling for our students. Counseling sessions usually run once a week for thirty minutes, for about four to six weeks. I can also refer students for more long-term counseling with a therapist in the community. Please ask if you need a list of therapists.

    The students learn about all kinds of things in guidance and/or in counseling, such as: friendship skills, problem-solving skills, feelings, good character (respect, honesty, etc.), study skills, work skills, careers, dealing with bullying/bully prevention, making good choices, how to deal with a loss, as well as other important topics.

    I wear a number of "hats" as Erwin’s school counselor, with teaching classroom guidance lessons and conducting individual/group counseling as the two main responsibilities (Also my favorites as I'm working with the students!). Some of the other responsibilities include: Intervention Support Team (IST) Coordinator, 504 Coordinator, consulting with school staff, parents/guardians, and community; and Peer Mediator Advisor. I work closely with students and teachers to provide intensive interventions in academic areas and with behavior help.

     Please contact me if you have a concern about your child. I am glad to help your child and to help you!

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