To my fabulous AG students!

    I am experimenting with technology (scary) 



    I'm checking CommonLit progress daily!  Link to pages on left :-)



    Fourth grade novels Esperanza Rising and Watsons go to Birmingham are available through the Media Center's E-book check-out or try



    Fifth Grade E-book: Sophia's War 




    No Prob llama!








    Hello, Southwest AG students!  I am so happy to be here this year and am loving getting to know you all.  

    A little bit about me:


    • I've been an educator for over 15 years.  I was at Colfax Elementary for 11 years.
    • I love to travel and hope to visit three more countries by the end of next year.  
    • I have 4 dogs, one cat, and one fish named Hank.  We live on 14 acres with a huge creek and lots of deer.
    • I am married with three children and two stepchildren.  Wyatt is my youngest and he is in 8th grade.
    • I love all kinds of music and love watching sports especially basketball and lacrosse. 
    • My sense of humor keeps me sane, along with yoga and running.   
    • Mostly, I love teaching and finding those things which spark interest in the classroom. 
    • Upper elementary students crack me up. I laugh and learn something every day.
Welcome to AG