• SCHOOL SUPPLY LIST for Mrs. Rickerts's Students


    • One sewn-bound composition book of 100 pages-Clearly labeled with First and Last Name on Cover 
    • Pencils with erasers (handheld sharpener would be amazing for non-mechanical pencils)
    • Colored Ink Pens for notebook notes                                                                                                                     
    • Colored Pencils with hand-held sharpener
    • Scissors (labeled with name)
    • Glue bottles or more glue sticks than you can imagine (We are creating their 'textbook' for review)
    • About 20 pieces of ruled paper in a folder with pockets for returned work.
    • Earbuds (dollar store kind is fine, but make sure you have a storage baggie) 
    • Planner (with the expectation of being used daily)
    • Pencil Pouch to carry supplies in backpack


    Crayons, Markers, Correction Tape/White Out, Notecards, Post-Its 

    Some students prefer to have a wireless mouse for their laptops, but it just requires more upkeep with "stuff". 

    Students will not be using lockers this year, so an organized, minimalist mindset is prudent. 


    Mrs. Rickerts's Classroom Wish List:

    Individually wrapped pieces of candy for student motivation (Keep in mind orthodontia needs) 

    Facial Tissues

    Paper Towels