• International Thespian Society (ITS) of Western Guilford High


    To be considered for induction into membership of ITS, a student must


    • Be involved in at least two productions with WGHS Theatre, one production per semester, and in two different capacities for the year.
      1. A capacity of working in theatre shall be considered: Acting; Stage Management; Set Crew or Costume Crew, including attending a minimum of two work calls, or running crew of a production.
      2. To be inducted in the senior year, the student must also meet a minimum of 1-5 below active membership.
    • Must have a recorded and approved 10 points, warranting 100 hours of service to legitimate theatre. Points may be obtained with WG theatre, Community theatre, or Church theatre.
    • Must be a student in good standing at Western Guilford High School (no suspensions, grades are kept in good faith)


    To be inducted, the student must

    • Pay the one-time induction fee 
    • Attend the induction ceremony that will take place at the WGHS Theatre end-of-year picnic ceremony (date TBD)
    • Sign the school Membership roster


    Once inducted, to remain in active membership of ITS, a student must:

    1. Be present for a minimum of four club meetings per year
    2. Participate in all current productions in some capacity resulting in a minimum of 1 point per show (10 hours minimum work on each school production)
    3. Attend all rehearsals called to. Failure to receive prior permission to miss a rehearsal three times will result in suspension of membership for one semester. Four unexcused rehearsals will result in dismissal. Members will receive a warning after two missed rehearsals. Coming late to rehearsals or leaving rehearsals early without prior approval will count as ½ of an absence.
    4. Participate in major fundraiser(s) with WGHS Theatre and community involvement projects designed by the club for each year.
    5. Participation in a minimum of one service project each year (for example, Food Drive Improv service project, Relay for Life booth, etc)
    1. If you plan on becoming an Honor Thespian (GPA of 3.0 at graduation, thus earning Honor cords), you also need to complete at least one IE at NC Thespian regional or state events during your tenure. IE choices are Monologues, Duet Acting, Group Acting, Solo Musical, Duet Musical, Group Musical, Mime, Playwriting, Costume Construction, Costume Design, Lighting Design, Scenic Design, Sound Design, Stage Management, Theatre Marketing, and Short Film

    Failure to meet any of the above requirements will result in suspension. In addition, any member who causes deliberate dissension, which would disrupt the workings of any production or business meetings, shall be dropped from membership by a vote of two-thirds membership with the consent of the troupe director. Suspension in the final semester will result in loss of privilege of wearing Thespian regalia at graduation.

    Any member requesting re-admittance after suspension must have the consent of the troupe director and two-thirds of the membership.