• Be in class and be on time. There will be no bullying of any kind in our class. Mean spirited actions will not bee tolerated. Our class will be a place with judgmental attitudes. We will respect each other and help each other. Its the only way we all can grow as humans. All of you are awesome in many ways. Room 128 will be a place where every student will be treated with respect at all times. The Four F's Firm, Fair, Focused, and Fun

    Firm: I will be at school. I will do as I say. Students can count on me. 

    Fair: I understand that being a freshman can be a challenge. Therefore, I will listen to students that are having problems and help them in every way I can. 

    Focused: In order for students to do their best in my class and the state-mandated North Carolina Final Exam, they must be taught certain things. I will focus on students' strengths and weaknesses to make sure they all get what they need. 

    Fun: A bored student is usually a bad student. I want our class to be fun. I will work to create fun and engaging lessons so that the beast of boredom will stay out of Room 128.