• English II Honors

    Mrs. Jennifer Mont

    Class Website: https://sites.google.com/site/mrsjmont/

    Email: montj@gcsnc.com


    Course Overview: 

    This semester we will be studying World Literature, beginning with a look at narratives and continuing with looks at the experiences of world writers from a variety of time periods. English II introduces literary global perspectives focusing on literature from the Americas (Caribbean, Central, South, and North), Africa, Eastern Europe, Asia, Oceania, and the Middle East. Influential U.S. documents and a Shakespearean play are also studied. 

    Major Works of Study: 

    • Persepolis (Summer Reading)
    • Night 
    • Things Fall Apart 
    • Macbeth
    • Other works will be selected by students individually or as a class

    *These are tentative and subject to change. All texts will be provided to the students unless they choose a text not available in class. In this case they will be responsible for purchasing the text or borrowing it from the public library.

    Required Materials: 

    • composition notebook (for daybook)
    • blue or black ink pens 
    • folder for handouts 

    Grading Guidelines 

    • Essays, Tests and Projects: 40% 
    • Daybook Entries: 45% 
    • Quizzes: 15% 
    • Final Grade: Year Long Course: Each Nine Weeks: 20%, EOC 20%

    Work Expectations: 

    • I expect all work to be your own. You must take responsibility for your own academic progress (i.e. read the novels, do your own homework, etc.). You are expected to abide by Weaver’s Honor Code which states: I will not give or receive unpermitted assistance in preparation of any work or assessment that is to be used by the instructor as the basis of grading. 
    • A printer that is out of ink is not an excuse for not having your work. In the event that this happens, you must email the document to someone who has a printer and have that person print it for you or visit our school computer lab, school library, or public library. Do not email your paper to me to print unless instructed to do so. I am not responsible for printing your work. 

    Late Work Policy:

    • Planned assignments that are turned in 1 day late will receive a 50. After that, the grade is a 0.
    • If you are absent on a due date, the assignment is due on the day you return. The second day the grade will be a 50. After that, the grade is a 0.
    • If you are absent when an activity is assigned you have 3 days to make up that work. This is the Guilford County Schools policy. On the 4th day, the grade will be 0.
    • If you are on a field trip, the assignment is due the day you return. The second day, the grade is a 50 and after that, it is a 0. 
    • You should communicate with your teacher regarding any planned absence from class regarding assignments or due dates.

    Classroom Guidelines: 

    1. Respect yourself, respect each other, and respect this place.
    2. Be in your seat ready to work before the tardy bell rings. If the bell rings and you are not in your assigned seat, you will receive an unexcused tardy. 
    3. Have all materials (paper, pen, textbook, notebook, independent reading, etc.) ready to use at the beginning of class. Likewise, do not pack up your materials before the dismissal bell rings or until told to do so. 
    4. Listen to instructions the first time they are given. 
    5. Give complete respect and attention to the recognized speaker, either your teacher or your fellow classmates. 


    If you are absent, you must see me before or after school for the missed assignments. Class time will not be granted for this. You will have three days to make up work for each absence. 

    Extra Help: 

    • I am pleased to provide extra help for students who need make-up sessions due to absences or for those who desire additional assistance. 
    • I am available in the mornings beginning at 8:30 a.m. and I am available most Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from 4-4:30 if given notice at least one day in advance. 
    • You may use my email account, but only for school related work. Do not send forwards or other miscellaneous items. This email is montj@gcsnc.com. Emailed questions must be sent by 6 p.m. each night or you will not receive a response.