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Ms. Davis

  Ms. Davis enjoys working with her students! When not at JMS, Ms. Davis likes to travel, always looking for her next adventure!

  kayaking the Atlantic Ocean!!!



March 6, 2021- March 14, 2021

Register in PowerSchool! Remember, these are ONLY REQUESTS. Classes will be assigned at a later date.


Available Encores: 

Office Production Applications: business, marketing, entrepreneurship;  develop leadership & team-building skills.

Explore Personal Finance & Hospitality: personal finance, resource management; learn problem-solving & decision-making skills; learn how finances work.

Explore Aviation Technology: explore careers in aviation to include pilot, flight services, etc; hands-on, project-based learning style

Explore Technology Services: understand how technological systems work to solve problems and foster innovation

Computer Science Discoveries III(must be currently enrolled in CSD II):students will build on the coding knowledge from CS II.

Spanish I(meets every day; combined IA & IB classes)

Spanish IB(must be currently enrolled in Spanish IA)

Advanced PE(meets every day)



Band(must be currently enrolled in Band)

Orchestra(must be currently enrolled in Orch.)

ART (select every day OR every other day)


 Registration Directions: Go to NCEDCLOUD.ORG>enter username/password>Go to PowerSchool Student Portal>Class Registration(left side of screen)> Click pencil icon (right side of screen)> select courses from drop down menu>Click OKAY>Click SUBMIT (register for alternate encores also.....some encores fill up quickly)