Master Salary Schedule 2021-2022

  • Master Salary Schedule (for non-certified personnel)


    The Master Salary schedule have been updated for the 2021-2022 school year.  Employees who were employed on or before June 30, 2021 will advance one step on the salary schedule for 2021-2022 but there will not be a change in your salary.  

    There are three Master Salary Schedules.  All schedules indicate either monthly or hourly rates for steps 0 through 49 on pay grades 50 through 90. All "Classified" positions are paid on one of the Master salary schedules. In addition; employees paid on the Master salary schedules who hold an “advanced” or “doctorate” degree that directly relates to their assignment are paid an additional monthly supplement ($126 for “advanced” degree and $253 for “doctorate” degree). This differential is noted on the employee’s pay grade for the respective position (example: pay grade 7812”A” for a related “advanced” degree or pay grade 7812”D” for a related “doctorate” degree).


    1. 10-Month Master Salary Schedule

     Master Salary Schedule - Hourly 10 month employees

     Master Salary Schedule - Monthly for 10 month employees


    2. 11-Month Master Salary Schedule

     Master Salary Schedule - Hourly for 11 month employees

     Master Salary Schedule - Monthly for 11 month employees


    3. 12-Month Master Salary Schedule

    Master Salary Schedule - Hourly for 12 month employees

    Master Salary Schedule - Monthly for 12 month employees 

    Teacher Assistants and Paraprofessionals PLEASE NOTE: The number of employment days for all teacher assistants and paraprofessionals in the District continues to be reduced by 2.5 days for the 2018-2019 school year. A separate schedule (2018-2019 Teacher Assistant/Paraprofessional Reduced Salary Schedule) is posted on the GCS website reflecting the reduced salary amounts. In addition, a reduced schedule is also posted for Educational Interpreters and Language Facilitators (2018-2019 Educational Interpreter Reduced Salary Schedule).


     2021-2022 Teacher Assistant and Paraprofessional Hourly Salary Schedule

     2021-2022 Teacher Assistant and Paraprofessional Monthly Salary Schedule

     2021-2022 Educational Interpreter Salary Schedule



    Bus Driver Salary Schedule

    The General Assembly provided funds restricted to bus driver increases.  Districts are required to increase the average rates of pay for all school bus drivers in the district on an equitable basis.  We are currently working with appropriate parties to develop and implement a bus driver schedule that will meet this requirement. Bus Driver Salary Schedule - Indicates the hourly rate for the "Activity Bus Driver Rate," the "Sub Rate" and steps 00 through 33 for Bus Drivers. All regular bus drivers are paid on the Bus Driver Salary Schedule. All Activity Bus Drivers who are not also employed as a regular bus driver are to be paid the Activity Bus Driver Rate. 


    ACES Staff Salary Schedule 

    All ACES Site Coordinators and ACES Assistant Site Coordinators are paid on the Master Salary Schedule for 10-Month Employees. All ACES Group Leaders and ACES Clerks are paid an hourly rate. ACES Staff Salary Schedule - indicates the hourly rates for ACES Group Leaders and ACES Clerks.