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    Hello Guilford eLearning Virtual Academy Students, Parents, and Staff!

    This is Mrs. Jordan with our weekly announcements.

    To begin, I want to remind everyone that Monday, October 19 is a mandated teacher workday. Students will not have class on Monday. Our teachers will be preparing their Canvas pages for the 2nd quarter, which begins on Tuesday, October 20. Our staff is working to make their Canvas pages more consistent and uniform for our families to follow. Everything that your child will need will be located on one Canvas page. Student will be able to see their small group live lesson schedule, their pre-recorded videos for their core lessons and the assignments that go along with the lessons for each day. We are also including buttons for the students to take part in Art, Music and PE on their grade level’s assigned day and their will be a column for students who receive EL, EC, and/or AIG services. Students who receive any of these services will be able to click on the button in this column and go to the lesson that is provided. If your child does not receive these services, the buttons will not allow them to access these lessons. 

    Our 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders will begin their first quarter interim assessments this week. Your child’s teacher will have the information needed for your child to complete their interim assessment on the grade level’s assigned day. Please make sure that your child completes their interim assessments on the day that is assigned for each of their subject areas. Interim assessment data is analyzed by your child’s teacher to see which standards that were taught in the first quarter were mastered by your child and which standards does the teacher need to correct misconceptions and provide more practice in order for your child to master. Interim assessments are not graded, and are for the teacher’s use only.

    We will send report cards home starting Wednesday, October 28. Our teachers will work to schedule conferences with parents over the next few weeks to discuss your child’s progress. They will discuss your child’s performance and what they have in place to meet your child’s needs.

    This concludes the announcements for this week. Thank you for all that you do to support our students at the Guilford eLearning Virtual Academy and have a wonderful week!

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